Enhancing Social With First-Party Data

Enriching a Facebook-focused strategy with first-party data helped luxury brand Tacori realize an incredible 7.17 ROAS.

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    Tacori, a leading luxury jeweler of both bridal and fashion jewelry, partnered with 美狮贵宾会 to promote both product lines via social media. The bridal line can only be purchased from individual retailers, while the fashion line is available directly through Tacori's website. Our client asked 美狮贵宾会 to recommend a holistic marketing approach that successfully met each product line's different needs.

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    美狮贵宾会 suggested a first-party data enriched Facebook-focused strategy. Our team created unique Facebook and Instagram campaigns for each combination of the customer journey phase, product line, audience segment and creative. Additionally, we ingested and activated Tacori's first-party data to reach site visitors who performed specific-interest-indicating actions.

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    Both the always-on bridal and seasonal private sale fashion jewelry campaigns exceeded Tacori’s expectations. The bridal campaign ended 2020 with a cost per landing page view (CPLPV) of $0.40, exceeding Tacori’s $0.50 goal by 25%. The private sale campaign achieved a ROAS of 7.17, exceeding our client’s 6.05 goal by 18.5%

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